I’m having trouble disciplining myself

If you’ve started writing your book, but you’re having trouble disciplining yourself to finish it, check out these tips:

  1. Go back and revisit your purpose for writing…often! You were motivated sufficiently to begin this journey, so finish it! If your original pace was too aggressive or your schedule has changed, scale back your pace, but don’t quit.
  2. Set a new goal. Knowing what you now  know  about writing, about yourself, about your book project, and about your schedule, set a new, reasonable goal and stick with it. I used to set lofty, unrealistic goals for myself that I could not maintain over time. What I’ve learned is that setting smaller, achievable goals provides a simple routine that I can keep and that pays off in the long-run.
  3. Get help from a writing coach.  A writing coach can help keep you focused, hold you accountable, provide valuable feedback, and even accelerate the process.
  4. Make sure other areas of your life are disciplined as well. When we get the individual pieces of our life in order, all others seem to fall into place as well. Don’t let anything of lesser importance elbow your writing out of the way.