I need to have my book proofed and edited

So, you’ve finished writing your book… but now you need to have it proofed and edited!

Whether you’ve written a nail-biting thriller, a bone-chilling mystery, a heart-warming romance, or a game-changing business book, nothing can kill it faster than poor grammar, typos, and sloppy punctuation.

After putting all those hours and hard work into writing your book, ensure that you publish your work with excellence by having a professional edit your work. Listen, I’m a writer too and I don’t like the idea of someone else messing with my creation. But I can tell you from hard-learned experience that as the author and creator of your work, you’re too close to it to see what could make it even better.

A good editor will check over your work on at least three levels:

  1. Spelling, grammar and punctuation
  2. Sentence structure and word usage
  3. Coherency, accuracy, flow and rhythm