My death had come unexpectedly. True, I was in my late 60s, but I had been healthy—even an endurance athlete. But my time had come.

Now, I stood in a place so wonderfully beautiful that it eclipsed any mountain scene I had ever beheld. In fact, it surpassed anything I could have imagined! And I was overwhelmed with the presence of love, peace, and joy beyond description that permeated this intensely beautiful place.

And yet, my body that I thought had been so strong and virile was now gone and seemed impossibly frail and transient by comparison with what I now felt. I can’t explain it in earthly terms where we’re so bound and limited by the physical, but I now had no tangible body. My soul had been freed from that fragile, confining shell.

How I could now see, hear, smell, taste and feel, I cannot explain. I only know that every sensual perception was clearer, sharper, purer than I’d ever dreamed possible.

Before me I saw a vast sea of souls. Countless faces from every race. What did these bodiless souls look like? How can I describe the unseen to the seeing? But they were there, nonetheless. They too were in the same state as I. But despite the peace and serenity that enveloped them, they all had a simple question on their lips.

In an instant, I looked out over this innumerable multitude of souls and perceived the same voiceless question forming on every mouth, “Why?”

Ever so gradually, their question took on the sound of a faint whisper, “Why?”

Their question was not framed in accusing tones, nor was it merely inquisitive. I would describe it more in terms of pity, a deep concern for others. Their question was genuine and expressed in love, but also in humble inability to grasp, “Why?”

What had begun as a mere whisper, now grew in volume and intensity. Their question was not a shout. But voiced in unison by such a vast multitude, it now drowned out any other sound.

Since my arrival, I had been overwhelmed by the presence of the One who had called me here, the Life-Giver. It was from Him that this palpable feeling of love, joy and peace emanated. It was also to Him that these innumerable souls directed their question, “Why?”

With indescribable love and tenderness, He raised a hand, and all grew silent, eyes fixed on Him, the Life-Giver. We anticipated His response, but He paused poignantly and heaved a great sigh. There was inexpressible sadness in His eyes. Then, He spoke…

“Why? Because they were deceived with a great deception. There was no limit to the deception. At different times and in different cultures it took on various forms. But it was deception all the same.

“Some were truly naïve. They were lied to. Those who were greedy for money, or even reasoned that they were serving mankind, told them that you were only tissue. And while they knew the truth, they persisted in their lie to protect the lie. And they became slaves to their deception.

“In ancient times and in dark corners of the world, some actually thought they were serving Me when they sacrificed you. My heart breaks for them. Had they only known Me, the Life-Giver! Why would they ever think I would demand such a sacrifice? Nothing so gruesome, so evil ever even entered my mind!

“And there were those who were truly evil. They saw themselves as superior to all other races and sought to eradicate what they deemed the ‘lesser’ races. Their actions were cruel and calculated. They showed no mercy.

“Many others would not restrain their passions. Their lack of restraint put them into circumstances that they deemed insurmountable. Your presence here now is testimony to their hopelessness and deception. If only they had trusted Me instead!

“Whole peoples honed and developed their deception in cunning ways, even creating laws to perpetuate their deception. Along with these laws came euphemistic descriptions to desensitize the masses. They used words like ‘rights,’ ‘spacing their children,’ ‘unwanted,’ ‘terminate,’ and ‘choice,’ to soften and cloak the deception and the horrors of reality.

“They dehumanized you by stripping you of your personhood. They took the gift of life and degraded and demeaned it. They have soiled and perverted all that I value and stand for. My heart breaks for what they did to you and it continues to ache for those who continue in their deception.

“And if that weren’t enough, many who sent you here prematurely have suffered inestimable guilt, shame, and pain. In their hopelessness, they live their lives in misery. But their shame is so profound that it has prevented them from speaking up and exposing the deception. So, on it goes.

“If they only knew that I loathe to be their Judge, but long to be their Advocate!

“Some have abandoned the deception, repented from their evil deeds and have turned to Me. They have experienced that My grace, mercy and forgiveness are thorough and without hint of accusation. I’ve washed them clean from the innocent blood they spilt.

“But sadly, those who insist on continuing in their deception, leave Me no alternative. Justice will be served. Despite what they believe, there will be a final judgment and I will hold them accountable for their deeds.”

Finally, with another monumental sigh, the Life-Giver groaned, “If only they would turn to Me, who gave them life that they may live in the Light. But alas, they continue in their deception and have chosen darkness and death instead of light and life.”

“My children, that is why.”

Rob Fischer